International workshops and camps for Family Constellations and Organisational Systemic Constellations

International workshops, camps and other international events are aimed at:

  • everyone interested in the phenomenological systematic work of Bert and Sophie Hellinger, who would like to learn the unique approaches of various internationally renowned experts in the field of the phenomenological work from other countries and cultural backgrounds, or
  • people originating from mixed families, who may want to deepen the perception of their connection with their family system in the broader sense, or
  • all who desire health, happiness and success in their lives, and want to learn the method of Family Constellation and Organisational Systemic Constellations.

Events present valuable experiences for all those who work with people, since the phenomenological approach allows them to deepen their perception and knowledge of the dynamics of the various systems that we all belong to.
At the same time, the events offer participants to take a short break in a relaxed internationally colourful atmosphere, in a tranquil setting of Slovenia or Croatia.

Event Types:

  • 2-3-day Family Constellation workshop with foreign experts
  • 6-day international summer camp Crikvenica in cooperation with foreign experts
  • 2-day Organisational Systemic Constellations workshop with visiting experts from abroad