Organizational constellations

Organizational constellations allow us to assess the current situation in the company and evaluate the impact of alternative options and solutions for business success.

Systemic constellations in organisations/companies allow individuals and organisations to find appropriate solutions – how to resolve various issues, how to succeed as an individual or organisation, how to successfully run a company, business, projects, how to enhance team performance…It is based on a Bert Hellinger’s method, which other experts have integrated into the field of organizations. The underlying assumption of the method is that over time, each group or organization, from small to global, develops its patterns and modes of operation that affect the thoughts and actions of all its members. Systemic constellations provide a tool for understanding basic behavioural patterns and the dynamics of the group and organization in the narrow as well as in the broadest sense. Organizational systemic constellation is a sort of simulation where we can assess the current situation and evaluate the impact of alternative options and solutions. By doing so, we can understand the factors that help or hinder the success of an organization/company, and find the most appropriate solution.