Damijana Žišt

The editor of the monthly magazine Systemic Awareness, published by the Institute for Systemic Constellations


Damijana Žišt, Ph.D. in penology (a branch of criminology dealing with prison management and the treatment of offenders), a journalist and an associate of the Institute for Systemic Constellations. Since the beginning of 2014, she has been studying family and systemic constellations based on the Bert Hellinger method with Nataša Čebulj. In November 2014, she completed an intensive training for organizational systemic constellations facilitators with Nataša Čebulj. Since the beginning of 2016, she has been attending trainings for family constellations facilitators with Nataša Čebulj and Vedran Kraljeta.

She is also the editor of the monthly magazine Systemic Awareness, published by the Institute for Systemic Constellations. Additionally, she takes part in systemic constellations held by foreign lecturers at home and abroad. She has some experience and knowledge in the field of coaching, as well. She has conducted several workshops in the field of organizational systemic constellations for socio-educational professionals in primary and secondary schools, faculties, and other educational institutions (Ljubljana, Maribor). She has also carried out workshops for children not being able to decide which high school or university to enrol, workshops also intended for their parents. For the past four years, she has been the presenter of the method at the Lifelong Learning Week (Ljubljana).
Since 1st December 1997, she has been employed by the newspaper Večer as a journalist specialised in covering areas of crime, courts, police, internal and judicial ministries, prisons and similar.

On 7th December 2005, she obtained a PhD at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana with the doctoral thesis Convicts as Victims of Prison Violence. In 1995, she graduated at the Faculty of Education, the University of Ljubljana with the thesis Families of Prisoners and Detainees. In 1990, she graduated from the Ljubljana Higher Medical School with the thesis Work Therapy at Home. She has over 15 years of experience working with adolescents, offenders, hyperactive children, and adolescents in schools and in educational care institutions.
From 1991 to 1999, she was among the organizers of international Roma camps in Prekmurje (she took part as a volunteer of the non-profit and non-governmental organization MOST), and from 1991 to 1994 she worked as a volunteer in the Association for the Voluntary Work, where she was engaged in working with Croatian and Bosnian refugees in Ljubljana, teaching them the Slovene language.

She is also the author of four books: a scientific monograph Glimpses behind bars (2008) and the books Why did these two children have to die? (2009), Guilty or innocent (2010) and The invisible world of traffic accident victims (2013).