Systemic coaching and consultancy

Systemic coaching is an interactive process where the coach listens, observes and adapts his approach to the needs of the client or to the needs of the organization and allows them to discover their own solutions and strategies.

Systemic coaching

Systemic coaching is an interactive process allowing individuals and organizations to develop faster and more satisfactory results. Owing to the coaching process, individuals/businesses achieve higher goals, are more active, make better decisions and use their natural internal resources and skills more creatively. Coaching is extremely action-oriented, whereby the coach’s task is primarily to act as an external support to an individual or a team in setting goals, solving conflict situations, developing new skills, coping with change and stress, and finding new innovative solutions. System coaching is a method where the coach (personal trainer) is trained to listen and observe, adapt his approach to the needs of individuals or businesses, and help them come to their own solutions and strategies.

Systemic consultancy

Systemic consultancy in the business area is based on the systemic constellation method, which enables organizations or companies to find easier and faster business solutions.
The consultancy process in the field of organizational development and human resources development enables the user to clearly define the HR strategy, identify the personnel in the company and determine the appraisal methodology, define educational needs and create the conditions for continuous training and development of employees.
Consultancy process includes assistance in defining organizational challenges and preparation of procedures and documents.